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Health Despite Oil Wiki

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This site is intended to help collate and distribute information pertaining to the health consequences of the gulf oil blowout. This site is non partisan and does not pick sides nor chooses right from wrong, or even what our future environmental choices might be. It's only aim is to help others be healthy and survive the crisies. We will be dealing with aftermath and health consequences for years. The site is available to everyone for review. This site is an collaborative endeavor, the ability to contribute and edit is by invitation or approval. Please if you have something to contribute email and explain your interest along with an example of what you will contribute. We need to help each other help others.


This site is composed of lay - men and women, along with health professionals interested in health and well being. This cannot offer medical advice, consult your physician or health worker, and use your intuition. This site may offer suggestions of non traditional modalities to recover health. This site may offer information that your health adviser is not currently aware of.



Health Despite Oil is a (soon to be) Non-Profit founded in June 2010. It's primary office is located in Santa Barbara, CA.


HDO is established to provide information in regards to the toxicity and health risk of the Deep Horizon Oil Spill and to provide timely information in how to maintain and restore health by those impacted by oil and dispersants in the Gulf of Mexico. HDO hopes to serve cleanup oil workers and people of the Gulf of Mexico Gulf Coast and outlying areas.


In time HDO hopes to provide a full internet solution including discussion forums where the public can dialogue and get answers from health aware people. Over time HDO will develop protocols and train professional health workers in particular nurses to go back into the public providing workshops to teach and train in health maintenance or restorative protocols.


HDO embraces alternative modalities related to health and healing, but it welcomes conventional health professionals as well. When possible it hopes to offer cost effective solutions.


HDO cannot offer services in diagnostic or treatment and accepts no liability in suggesting protocols it publishes. When possible it is best to introduce our content and receive guidance and care from primary health professionals.


HDO hopes to eventually be a resource of global value for people throughout the world dealing with the health impacts of oil, spills, and blowouts and other natural or industrial catastrophe.


HDO relies upon volunteering, donation, and in-kind services. Today we are only set up to receive donations locally to it's office in Santa Barbara. because of the nature of it's advocacy work we can accept a range of in-kind and volunteer services throughout the world.


Volunteer - Collaborate

Health Despite Oil is an organization that relies upon volunteers. People helping people. There is no paid staff. HDO calls out to others throughout the world but particularly those in the Gulf of Mexico states to volunteer. We need people to help provide links of health/oil topics, outreach by growing the membership to our Facebook group, we need people that can administer our web offerings and enter content in our wiki and blog. There is work for everyone. If you would like to contribute some of your time and talents please contact HDO and provide us with your name, email address, state, city, county and a brief note to what talents or skills you wish to offer. If you are a health professional that lives in the gulf coast area and would be interested in helping on the ground workshops or training's please get in touch!


Call for Article Submissions

Today we are looking for health professionals (or knowledgeable lay-people) to create original content, articles generally relating to detoxification, improving organ tone (Lungs, Kidney, Liver), along with boosting and strengthening the respiratory and immune system. As soon as possible we would appreciate very specific information relating to health/oil. All content providers receive credit for authorship and retains full rights. Authors will have link backs to their own website or to other places article is posted from. We also encourage authors to provide ingredient links back to their web store or links to where products or ingredients are not commonly found.


As we open our discussion forums we would enjoy contributors to watch and contribute in the dialogue. If you have any interest in volunteering in this project please contact HDO and provide us with your name, email address, and a brief note to what talents or skills you wish to offer.




If you have any suggestions in regards to what services, websites, layout or content are offered please contact us and let our office know. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



The heart of the site is information


Gulf Oil Spill Health Hazards by

Toxic Air by Ingrid Naiman

Environmental Illness By Brigitte Mars



Corexit 9500



Hydrogen Sulfide

Methylene Chloride


Other VOC's









Respiratory System

Immune System


Toxic Oil Syndrome



Riki Ott

Kindra Arnesen


Government Agencies

This page has links to government agencies, departments, and offices when possible specifiacally response pages regarding the Deepwater Horizon Gulf Blowout.

Government: National and Local Agencies



This page has links for the purpose of tracking or reporting incidents. Watch what develops more importantly REPORT! Please report all incidents to all the trackers we find. In the future this may prove to be useful to epidemiological studies.



Non Governmental Agencies

This page has links to non governmental agencies of offices dealing with health issues from the impact of the Deepwater Horizon Gulf Blowout.

Other Health/Oil Sites

This page has links to individuals or small groups dealing with health issues from the impact of the Deepwater Horizon Gulf Blowout.


Gulf Oil Spill Truth Minimizing Adverse Health Effects Through Transparency & Intelligent Mitigation Responses


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